Image Name Hold Hold Speed Speed Cannons Cannons HP Hp Price² Requirements
XebecXebec8221111055 G or Credit
PinnacePinnace10251818077 G or Credit
CatamaranCatamaran12253030099 G or Creditlevel 10
HolkHolk122550500121 G or Creditlevel 16
BarkBark173090900149 G or Creditlevel 22
SchoonerSchooner20301601600171 G or Creditlevel 18
BarkentineBarkentine25302502500193 G or Creditlevel 34
JunkJunk30303703700level 42
ManowarMan'O'War34305005000 level 49

¹ Only on Facebook.

² Price in Gleemmers of Facebook credits depends on portal. The price may be reduced with the help of friends.