Pirates Saga Wiki

How and where can I gather cargo?[]

Every zone has 4 buildings where you can gather cargo (for every zone there are 2 types of cargo). To gather cargo, click on one of these places. Each time you will use 3 Points of Energy. If the harvest place is exhausted, every next harvest will require 5 Points of Energy.

Places with available cargo are divided into following types:

  • farms - for fruit, e.g. oranges, mango
  • fisheries - for fish and other sea animals, e.g. eels, octopi
  • hunting lodges - for animals, e.g. parrots, lemmings
  • reefs - for reef animals, e.g. starfish, jelly-fish
  • wrecks, for sunken treasures, e.g. candelabrum, porcelain
  • mines, for precious stones, e.g. sapphires, jades

Cargo is needed to complete tasks and quests, also for some "Rule The Zone" requirements.

How and where can I sell gathered cargo?[]

Gathered cargo is in your hold (Deck menu). Here you can sell your cargo, no matter where your ship is. The best place to sell cargo is port - prices there are a couple of times higher that in the open sea.

What do I need equipment for?[]

Without equipment you cannot gather cargo.

How can I get a needed equipment?[]

Your friends can send it to you by clicking on published request. Equipment can also be bought with portal currency (Facebook Credits or Gleemmers).

What do I need tools for?[]

Tools are needed for upgrading various elements of your ship, so that it is faster, shoot better or transport more cargo. Some quests and taks also require tools.

Where do I find tools?[]

Tools can be found in floating chests, barrels and rafts, they also fall out of defeated ships and can be given as rewards in some quests. They can also be sent to you by your friends - using a published request or directly by option "Free Gifts".

Where can I check how many tools I have?[]

The number of tools of each kind can be found in the Deck menu -> Storage.

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